Anyone who knew him would have a hard time summing up the man, the mind, the force of life that was Judge Norman A. Mordue. He literally lived multiple lives in different times and places. Judge Mordue is the kind of person they make movies about. He had an uncommon ability to instantaneously assess people and a situation in a courtroom setting and know exactly how to do his job whether as a prosecutor or Judge. His intelligence, integrity, reasonableness, and humor were ideals I have tried to bring to my work on a daily basis.

He had “true grit,” and he exhibited it in every aspect of his life from early childhood in Elmira to the athletic fields of his hometown, Syracuse University, where he was a standout football player, to the battlefields of Vietnam where he was a fearless leader and nearly sacrificed his own life to save others, to the rehabilitation hospital back stateside where he had to learn to walk again and recover from his grievous wounds, to the many courtrooms where he battled as a prosecutor and obtained murder convictions on behalf of the People, and finally, to the benches of County Court, Supreme Court, District Court where he meted out justice to citizens all over the state.

It was the honor and blessing of my lifetime to work for the Judge – to know and love him and consider him part of my family. Judge Norman A. Mordue was one of the finest, most exceptional human beings I have ever known, and it’s unimaginable he is no longer with us.

Karen Felter

served as Senior Law Clerk to U.S. Federal Court Judge Mordue

Norm was, throughout his life, and at all times, ready and anxious to serve others. It was my honor to serve with him for over two decades and both the bench and bar here in Albany held him the highest regard. His legacy will have a lasting impact on the law of our Northern District!

Judge Lawrence Kahn

U.S. District Judge, NDNY

Norm was a good friend and a wonderful colleague. We spent many hours discussing the problems of the world in our chambers on the 12 floor of the Syracuse Courthouse… and many hours together making the game of golf look a lot harder than it could possibly be. I will miss that. Norm was always good company and fun to be with – as can be attested to by the number of friends he made wherever he went. I’m sure his legacy will continue for years to come. While he has left us for now I like to think of it as “He just went before us”) and he will be missed, he did leave us with many wonderful memories to be cherished. Until then – may he rest in God’s hands.

Frederick J. Scullin

Senior U.S. District Judge

Dear Chris & Family,

I was honored to have had the opportunity to work several homicide trials with Norm while

NYST. He worked around the clock on cases until a verdict. He was devoted to his job and such a great man I learned so much from. Thank you, Norm, for being my friend. We love you and your family.

Myrna Perez


He was an incredible man, a great Judge, and a true American hero. We will miss him.

Miroslav Lovric

Magistrate Judge, NDNY

My sympathies to all who mourn and many thanks to Judge Mordue for his service.

Mike & Debbie Burns


I don’t remember when I first met Judge Mordue but I got to know him best when I came to work at the federal building as a Court Security Officer. From the beginning the Judge made me feel like we were old friends. I came to find out he knew my dad when the Judge was in the DA’s office and my dad was a city cop as well as through golf. The Judge would talk to me about my career with the city and every time I worked his court he would always say Good morning Chief.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Judge and his lovely wife out to dinner at some local restaurants. He would always tell whoever I was with how proud of me he was and all that I accomplished in my career. This coming from a man that was so accomplished and decorated in everything he ever did in life was a true compliment. He was such a warm and welcoming person. Professionally he was beyond compare always through and just. I’m sure his family knows how special he was. He will be missed.

Rebecca Thompson

Court Security Officer, NDNY
Retired Deputy Chief, Syracuse Police Department

My deepest sympathy for your loss. Judge Mordue was a great man and will be missed by all that knew him! God Bless you and your family through this difficult time.

Pat Delperuto

Chris and Family,

Norm was a Judges’ Judge, a lawyers’ lawyer, a man’s man and a person of great substance which will not soon be forgotten.

Jennifer Gannon


Dear Chris & Family,

I was honored to have had the opportunity to work several homicide trials with Norm at

NYST. He worked around the clock on cases until a verdict. He was devoted to his job and such a great man I learned so much from. Thank you, Norm, for being my friend. We love you and your family.

Myrna Perez


Judge Mordue was a man of many talents. He was sharp, kind, humble, wise, and good humored.

But one of the things I admire him most for is his faithfulness to his community, country, and family.

During my first assignment for the Judge, I asked him how he wanted to rule. He chuckled and said, “I don’t know enough about it yet! What is the law and what are the facts? We have to go with the law and the facts.” His approach was simple yet profound. His faithfulness, in this case to the law, was evident in chambers and the courtroom.

Perhaps this faithfulness was part of his military background and the love he had for his country, but I think it started with his devotion to his family. He talked often of his family in Elmira, his lovely wife Christina, his wonderful children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He regaled with stories of his brother, who was brave in childhood for confronting the local bullies at a candy shop after they pushed around a child with differing abilities. We heard about his friends like Bill and Ed, and the many people he enjoyed working with in his decades as an attorney•

He loved telling stories about his kids. About Danny, and his career, and about Michael and Jackie. He shared that he and Chris didn’t know they were having twins. He was in the waiting area during the delivery when a nurse came by calling for the twin bassinets. He looked at the other expectant fathers and laughed, “Is that you? It isn’t me!” But it was, and he was so proud of what fighters they were!

Judge Mordue’s rock was Christina. In the chambers, it was almost as if we played a daily “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, and his phone-a-friend was Chris. Each day when some fact or question would arise he would say, “I know who’ll know!” and then ten digits later “Hey, Chris!

What was the name of ..”. While the Judge wanted the answer, I think he also really loved talking with her, even for a few moments, throughout the day.

I miss Judge Mordue dearly. I wish his family peace, and comfort in knowing how much faithful love he held for them.

Taylor Reynolds

Law Clerk to Judge Mordue